My Story

One day at a truckstop it was 17:38 and the truck driver had to babysit a dog named Ike. The truck driver was skinny, smart, athletic, was 80 pounds, and was fast. He was a really nice guy. At 17:38 he got a call that the dog Ike was in Obedience school. He loved Ike. He jumped into his truck and drove as fast as he could to go get Ike out of Obedience school. He found Ike and helped him escape. Then they went to Mcdonalds and there was a robber Ike went over and bit him in the leg. Then the police came and got the robber. Ike and the truck driver got Mcdonalds free forever.

My story

Way far down below the ground is Bigmacs layer. His sidekick is Little Farrett. Bigmacs biggest villin is Mr.Acward. One day while Bigmac was at Mcdonalds ordering a bigmac Mr.Acward took Bigmacs girlfriend. When Little Farrett herd screaming he saw she was missing. He was scared to tell Bigmacs that his girlfriend was taken away. Bigmac got back Little Farrett told him. Bigmac got Little Farrett and jumped in his car with him. Bigmac found Mr.Acward and tought him a lesson. Little Farrett took Mr.Acward to prison. Little Farrett felt good being Bigmacs sidekick, but didn’t like the smell from Bigmacs armpits

Patriot Poem

                                                    A leader of the movement that became the Revolution                                                                Was second cousin to fellow founding father                                                                                  He was president Samuel Adams                                                                                                         He was brave                                                                                                                    He lead the stamp act                                                                                                       He helped the boston tea party                                                                                 H was delegated to the Continental Congress until 1781


Definition Sound: long wide ocean inlet.

Name: Puget Sound

Location: Washington

Size: 930ft and 35,000 km long

Fun fact: It was found in 1787.

Name: Pamlico Sound

Location: North Carolina

Size: 129 km long and 24 to 48 km wide.

Fun fact: It’s the longest lagoon along the North America East Coast.

Name: Croatan Sound

Location: North Carolina

Size: 10 to 20 km deep.

Fun fact: It has sharks in it.

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