Patriot Poem

                                                    A leader of the movement that became the Revolution                                                                Was second cousin to fellow founding father                                                                                  He was president Samuel Adams                                                                                                         He was brave                                                                                                                    He lead the stamp act                                                                                                       He helped the boston tea party                                                                                 H was delegated to the Continental Congress until 1781


Definition Sound: long wide ocean inlet.

Name: Puget Sound

Location: Washington

Size: 930ft and 35,000 km long

Fun fact: It was found in 1787.

Name: Pamlico Sound

Location: North Carolina

Size: 129 km long and 24 to 48 km wide.

Fun fact: It’s the longest lagoon along the North America East Coast.

Name: Croatan Sound

Location: North Carolina

Size: 10 to 20 km deep.

Fun fact: It has sharks in it.

9-11 Reflections

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America was attacked in 9-11-01. America wasn’t attacked in about 60 years. 4 planes were hijacked. 2 of them hit the twin towers. 1 hit the pentagon. 1 was planing to hit the White House, but brave passengers planed a attack to kill the hijackers and sadly they died but saved the White House, and die as hero’s.That plain hit a field in Pennsylvania. Over 3,000 people lost their lives on 9-11. We attacked Afghanistan and won. America will not give up that easily. Remember be thankful for your what you have, and thank firefighters, police, Army. They will give their life for you.God bless America. We love you God.

Life in 5th grade

Hi my name is Garrett and i’m going to tell you about 5th grade. It’s easy at the beginning, but it gets harder. It’s really fun. It’s awesome. The teachers are so nice. I’m looking forward to learn algebra. I’m also looking forward to blowing up stuff in science. We are going to learn a lot about the history of America. We are reviewing about the plot, theme, setting, summary. We are reviewing decimals.

Baby Blue Eyes

My flower is a Baby Blue Eye.  It’s scientific classification is Hydrophyllaceae.  It’s scientific name is Nemophila Insignis.  It can grow up to 6 to 12 inches.  The planting success is 80 persent.  The seeds per pound is 258,000.  The seeding rate is 8 lbs. per acre.  It blooms during March,April,and May.  The petals are sky blue.  In the middle you may be able to see a little purple.

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